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Jamie Neczkar

I was in a lot of pain when I came to you. Basic movements hurt. Everything used to hurt. And now I don't even think about that kinda stuff. You've given me movement mobility back, where I was in a position where I didn't have that.

So, that's like the most important change is now, I'm like, 

Oh! I CAN do things!!

I don't have the mobility restrictions that I did before.

It's the first thing that's actually worked, as well.

 I've had this back injury for

fifteen years.

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Heather Horrocks

You won't find another person with the enthusiasm and work ethic like Angie; she loves what she does and it shows in the programs she puts out.

Craig Ross

Stuart Murray

It was through a stroke of luck frankly that you and I got together. It was a brilliant stroke of luck for me personally and now my wife Ashleigh. I've always admired your ability to be very energetic and very respectful of what people are trying to accomplish 

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