The Pringle Prescription Programs!
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March 1, 2021
Virtual Online Personal Training

The virtual online personal training program is a train where you are program. This program is registration and accountability based, you will schedule your live sessions and be guided through by your trainer in real time. You will get live interaction with other members, along with cuing and corrections from your trainer and motivation from your community! Train anywhere and everywhere that you can connect online. 

Membership includes

Our on demand login library allows you to spend all the time you need reviewing individual exercises to ensure you are doing them and learning them correctly before you use these skills through live or in person training. Fundamental exercises when done correctly will take frequent repetition to perform with precision, this is the goal in time. Once movement is pain free, we work to perfect it under the load of your body weight, then we add load to your precise movement patterns. Your library contains full workout sessions 20-45 mins in duration of all session types; low, mid and high intensity.

1-1 Personal Training

Personal Training is a personalized service with individual 1-1 sessions scheduled at the gym or online. It's important every client has a customized program or blend of services that meets and maintains needs & goals as they evolve. 1-1 training is always recommended along the way and essential in getting started.  

Online Corporate Wellness

Your workplace is unique! The Pringle Prescription workplace programs are designed and customized to serve the wellness needs of the team members and staff. Typical programs begin with one training session per week with sessions added as needed. Inquire to discuss your workplace needs and receive a custom quote. 

Fuel for life

Fueling the body properly is an integral aspect of a happy, healthy life. Even without an exercise program, healthy eating is essential. How do we begin making a meal plan that works for us, is attainable and sustainable? Great question!

Every program enrolment includes 1-1 nutrition coaching to support your longterm success.