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The Pringle Prescription Method for Pregnancy

Provides support, coaching, education, and community for women while pregnant and in postpartum

Welcome to our

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Rehabilitation Program!

Hi Mama!

I'm so glad you are here!

Inside you will find all the education, resources, and training to support you through

pregnancy and postpartum.

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are FOR you and CAN leave you feeling

energized and empowered!


After all, YOU are built to birth!

Are you like me, Mama's I've spoken to and pregnant Mama's I've trained?

When we were pregnant for the first time, we experienced fear surrounding
birth and postpartum. We had;

❌fear of getting hurt while pregnant or in recovery

❌fear of losing our bodies and wondering if they would ever return to our pre-baby baseline

❌stuggled to sort out all the misinformation on the internet

❌heard so many traumatic birthing stories from other women

❌fear of getting postpartum depression 

❌fear of feeling disconnected from our bodies


Why trust me?

There are three primary reasons I can be the perfect coach for you
while you are pregnant, in postpartum, and beyond!

Join me in the video above to learn what they are.


This program will keep you focused each month

I created this program because I want you to have all the
information I didn't have during my first pregnancy.

Take it from me, you are about to embark on the most important
training period of your life. 

While pregnant, I will be with you every step of the way.

Following completing this program with my second pregnancy;

✔️birth was faster and smoother

✔️recovery was measurably better

✔️Despite my athletic background, I'm now stronger than ever before


Book your exploration call now!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you Mama and including you in this growing community of moms who value their health and wellness during this unique time in our lives. 


What your program includes

✔️ anatomy lessons

✔️learn what's safe & what's not in pregnancy

✔️practical daily application & habits you need to incorporate NOW

✔️ daily workout classes

✔️ tracking templates

✔️ month-month education

✔️exercise modifications

✔️unlimited coaching & support

✔️ community connection with other Mama's

Adele Domenco

Angie’s Pregnancy and Postpartum Rehabilitation Program was an essential part of my first pregnancy. Not only did Angie guide me on how to safely approach strength and conditioning exercises at every stage, she educated on the importance of pelvic floor health, mobility, breath work and meditation as part of the process. These weren’t part of the traditional conversations I was having about pregnancy, so the recommendations and resources she offered were enlightening and empowering. Angie’s personal experiences and insights, particularly during my postpartum period, were an added bonus. 


The Program truly offered a holistic approach to well-being in pregnancy, and 

I wholeheartedly believe that it prepared me both physically and mentally for labour and delivery and set me up for a quick and easy recovery.

What our Mama's say!

Let's work together!

Always motivated to help you move

more frequently & consistently

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My Story

Hi, I'm Angie! Thank you for dropping by and offering me the opportunity to tell you about myself. 


I studied at the University of Winnipeg and graduated in July 2011 with a Bachelors's Degree in Kinesiology & Applied Health. As part of my degree, I became a Certified Personal Trainer through The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.

Later that year in September, I started this coaching business with current client Linda Davies.

She, along with many other members who started in 2011 are celebrating 11 years of training this year!


Over the past eleven years, I have worked with hundreds of clients seeking;

the adoption of healthier habits through exercise and diet, better athletic performance, and better overall health.

My primary passion is motivating people to strive for a higher performance level every day.

Areas of counsel are typically; movement and exercise, nutrition, wellness habit rehabilitation, execution of contingency plans, and injury prevention and maintenance. 

Additional certifications include;

Functional Movement Screen Specialist (FMS)

Precision Nutrition Coach (Pn1)

Yin Yoga Instructor (YYT)

Functional Range Conditioning Coach (FRC)

Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (PCES)

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