Senior Yoga Class


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Welcome to the foundational strength program. This program will leave you feeling energized and aware. We are packing in as much mobility and FRC work as we can along side functional strength movements. Clients feedback tells us this program is our best yet! Upon completing this program you will feel more mobile and stronger with a better awareness of how to activate every area of your body to it maximum potential every repetition!

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This program combines slow strength, anaerobic conditioning movements, and Kinstretch to really help you take your body to the next level. Learn how to control each limb by training the joint itself through this unique type of movement. The combination of all three movement types will allow you to gain strength & lose weight or gain strength & increase mobility. 

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This program will build you into a more powerful human and athlete. Here we combine power movements and footwork through agility training to hit a ton of cardio each session! To round out the program and your weekly work, we focus on mobility work heavily to ensure you are feeling lighter, stronger and faster on your feet by Day 28!