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Practicing Yoga

Complete 28 workouts
in 30 Days

✔️ Guidance every step of the way

✔️ Workouts are between 20-45 minutes

✔️ Full workouts in HD video quality

✔️ Music provided with each workout

✔️ Tracking templates provided

Do you like how you feel when you exercise
but you don't do it enough?

✔️ Do you start motivated and lose it along the way?

✔️ Do you find working out alone boring?

✔️ Do you wonder if you are doing exercises correctly?

✔️ Do you find programs you've tried are too hard or too easy?

✔️ Would you like an easier and a more challenging level shown for each exercise?

✔️ Do you start and later quit because you get lost?

✔️ Do you want to work on mobility as much as strength and conditioning?

Our Programs offer solutions

✔️ Full program periodization

✔️ You will never have to think about what to do

✔️ Each program complete with a seven-day structure 

✔️ Your trainer will teach you how to do each exercise

✔️ You can select the exercise level that meets you where you are

✔️ You will never workout alone again

✔️ Your workouts include foam rolling, mobilizing, activation, strength, conditioning, Kinstretch, breathing, and yoga

✔️ You will always have fun and energetic music & playlists to complement your workouts

Top of TRX Row close up.JPG

Foundations Program

✔️ Will introduce you to a wide variety of foundational exercises

✔️ Will teach you how to do each exercise correctly

✔️ Will introduce you to Kinstretch


✔️ Will focus on mobility as much as strength & conditioning


✔️ Will increase your mobility

✔️ Will increase your strength

✔️ Will increase your body awareness

✔️ Will leave you feeling energized

✔️ Will inspire you to invest in consistent movement programs

✔️ Will leave you feeling empowered to take the next step in your fitness journey

SAK Program

✔️ Combines slow strength work, anaerobic conditioning, and Kinstretch sessions

✔️ Kinstretch will be an introduction if new to you


✔️ Will focus on mobility as much as strength & conditioning


✔️ Supports strength gain

✔️ Supports weight loss

✔️ Will increase your confidence

✔️ Will improve your daily mood

✔️ Will inspire you to keep challenging yourself

✔️ Will leave you feeling accomplished

Half Kneeling KB .JPG
Feet - rolling lacrosse ball.JPG

PAM Program

✔️ Combines power training, anaerobic conditioning through footwork training, and mobility work

✔️ Will introduce you to diaphragmatic breathing


✔️ Will focus on mobility as much as acceleration work and strength training


✔️ Will increase your power output and speed

✔️ Will improve your agility

✔️ Will improve your footwork skills and speed

✔️ Supports weight loss

✔️ Will leave you feeling happy and empowered

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