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Employee wellness programs

At The Pringle Prescription we understand your workplace is busy!

You have a demanding work-output schedule and more work is constantly coming in.

You need your team to be at their best! 

We provide support through fitness, coaching and personal training!

Co-working space

Our objectives for employees are:

✔️To provide movement education in a fun and self-paced way

✔️To support the individual growth of each employee

✔️To support movement everyday

✔️To create motivation through group fitness challenges 

✔️To provide professional coaching and move beyond lifestyle barriers

✔️To set a foundation for team building

✔️To increase focus and output

✔️To improve energy levels and mood at the office

✔️To provide wellness and health education 

✔️To foster leadership

Online Fitness

Benefits to the Corporation

✔️Make it easy for your employees to

access structured fitness programming from anywhere at anytime

✔️Get access to personal training and wellness coaching

✔️Set a foundation for team building

✔️Build a strong employee culture

✔️Increase individual work and teamwork output

✔️To increase employee longevity

Small Meeting

Get a customized quote for your workplace by emailing inquiry to:

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