Employee wellness programs

As a busy workplace with demanding work output requirements, support your employees by making fitness and wellness more accessible than ever before. Support your staff with wellness challenges, health education, and professional coaching programs. 

We guarantee higher energy levels, better sleep, and a boost in employee morale with participation.

Co-working space

Our objectives for employees are:

✔️To provide movement education in a fun and self-paced way

✔️To support the individual growth of each employee

✔️To support movement everyday

✔️To create motivation through group fitness challenges 

✔️To provide professional coaching and move beyond lifestyle barriers

✔️To set a foundation for team building

✔️To increase focus and output

✔️To improve energy levels and mood at the office

✔️To provide wellness and health education 

✔️To foster leadership

Online Fitness

Benefits to the Corporation

✔️Make it easy for your employees to

access structured fitness programming from anywhere at anytime

✔️Get access to personal training and wellness coaching

✔️Set a foundation for team building

✔️Build a strong employee culture

✔️Increase individual work and teamwork output

✔️To increase employee longevity

Small Meeting

Wellness Programs

GOLD is for employees who:

✔️ Need live sessions scheduled to show up

✔️ Work harder when their trainer is watching them


✔️ Have injuries that require frequent modifications


✔️ Prefer socializing with a group while working out

✔️ Respond best with real-time coaching and encouragement

✔️ Need accountability

SILVER is for employees who

✔️ Have an unpredictable schedule 


✔️ Want professional advice delivered on the fly daily 


✔️ Need accountability

✔️ Only have 20 - 30 minutes per day for exercise

✔️ Want community connection

✔️ Are independently motivated

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