It's the future!

Train from home with Program 365

Are you busy?

We hear you, so are we!

This online program allows you to train at home with your community and your trainer!

All live training sessions are 30 mins 

Monday Morning routine is 15 mins

Weekly Schedule:

Mondays 6:00am Anaerobic Mobility

Monday Morning Routine 6:35 & 7:00am (Community Call)

Monday 8:30am Restore & Energize

Wednesday 6:00pm Strength & Conditioning

Thursday 6:00am Anaerobic Mobility 

Thursday 8:30 Restore & Energize

Saturday 9:30am Strength & Conditioning  

Program pricing:

All programs are annual with monthly payments

3x/ week $120 / month

2x/ week $80 / month

1x/ week $60 / month


Online Private Training

Not interested in training with a group and can't find time to get to the gym?

We hear you & we have you covered!

Online private training is for you!

This 45 minute session can be done anywhere, all you need is your device, wifi connection, and wireless headphones. Guidance and demonstrations of each exercises are provided with your rest intervals timed. You will be guided through each second of your work out communicating directly with Angie. These sessions are ideal when travelling or at the lake. The days of missing your regularly schedule training sessions are over! 

This option is also fun for groups of friends and family members. Schedule this conference session together and get connected from anywhere you are in the world. This sessions capacity is six people. 

All private virtual training session are a la carte:


Private session $75 + GST 45 mins

Training for two $40 ea + GST 45 mins

Small Group up to 6 - customized pricing